Our faith is our foundation upon which we build our life. It is not merely something we believe in, but consciously live by. It resides at the very core of how we choose to live our life and calls us to forge a path in service to others. We have come to understand that the world is not so much for us as we are for the world. Everything we do should point back to God. Our faith has pointed us, much like a compass, to our core values of integrity, compassion and justice.

We recognise and openly acknowledge that we often miss the mark in our daily lives, however, from our perspective, we have been gifted with the incredible power to choose goodness over destructiveness, or an attitude of servitude rather than focusing on what is in it for us.

We see so much need out there in the world and we feel called by our faith to make a difference. This call to action to do and be more is much of the driving force behind our goal to increase our time and resources (by helping people in our own community create a better life for themselves), so that we can make more of an impact helping those in our wider community, as well as casting our eyes further to our country and larger issues such as poverty, pollution, global warming, abuse and human trafficking around the world.

Our youngest son’s baptism in 2019

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