Know thyself, and ye shall bloom.

How well do you feel you know yourself? Do you regularly reflect on who you are today, who you want to be tomorrow, your strengths and your weaknesses?

Taking time to reflect on our thoughts and feelings is a healthy way for us to identify WHAT we have been thinking, but also HOW our thinking affects us. Too often we let negative self-talk be the king of our heads. The truism “darkness takes hold only because of an absence of light” goes straight to the point that negativity can only have a place on a throne where positivity doesn’t reign.

If we reflect on who we are; become a shining light to our own thoughts; if we protect our eye gate, ear gate, and monitor our mouth gate; if we surround ourselves with like-minds, positive thinkers, and possibilitarians; if we build a bulldog tenacious faith around our self-image and what we represent; if we let go of the pains of the past to make way for the passions of our future; if we free ourselves from the confines of limiting self-belief; if we dilute the negative with positive, look inward for inspiration and not outward for validation; then we can be free to bloom.

For a flower doesn’t compete with the flower next to it, it just blossoms.