Leaders are developed

You may have heard the term “they’re a born leader”. While I don’t argue that some people have a natural inclination or personality type which is more suited to leadership, in my opinion that isn’t the only qualification criteria to call someone a “leader”.

Leadership skills are developed. Leaders impart wisdom gained through knowledge and experience. We cannot impart what we don’t possess and therefore as leaders we must grow ourselves in order to help others grow.

Leaders build strong relationships which open up the right doors to the right people at the right time. True leaders don’t need a title or position to act like a leader. They embody leadership traits which they act upon when called upon.

Think of people you consider to be successful leaders. They won’t have been born that way. You may have heard that success isn’t built in a day – it’s built daily. The same holds true when you substitute “success” for “leadership skills”.

We are all leaders in some way or another. If we harness our natural traits, develop ourselves in areas where we feel the least comfortable, and seek perspective from those who have already developed the characteristics we want to see in ourselves, we can all develop into the type of leader we want to be. The choice is ours.