Leadership and Mentorship

“If you wouldn’t follow yourself, why should anyone else?”

John C. Maxwell

We believe the most powerful and influencial leaders lead by example. So with this statement in mind, we feel it is reasonable to conclude that the first person you will ever lead is yourself. In order to help other people grow and change, we have to be willing to take personal ownership of our own lives by turning the spotlight on ourselves first. Furthermore, we feel that in order to stay humble, a leader must always be seeking to grow in knowledge and skill.  For this reason, we strive for progress not perfection, because a person who believes they have already arrived is going to alienate the very people that make them a leader in the first place! Therefore we strive for 1% improvement everyday in the key areas in our life. This ties very neatly into a shift in focus from end result to work habit. By developing discipline in our life through our daily habits, we not only practice leading ourselves first, but also set the direction of each day towards success. Aiming for incremental consistent progress also means that we are constantly assessing how we can improve and learn from our experiences, mistakes and wins in life.

This has required us to change our mindset around failure and rather than avoid it, we now consciously work at embracing these uncomfortable setbacks in life as a set up for our next comeback. Constantly looking for ways to improve our performance has also required us to stop making excuses and instead make them our reason.

“The best math you can learn is how to calculate the future cost of current decisions.”


We also believe that the best leaders have people coaching and mentoring them in life, who they can seek perspective from. Perception informs one’s perspective, so having an extra set of eyes to review our options when making major life decisions can have a huge positive impact in the long term. As one such mentor has shared with us, the trap that most people fall into is “seek(ing) counsel from well-meaning people who have little to no fruit on the tree,” figuratively speaking. So while most people would agree that who you know is more important than what you know, very few actually leverage this knowledge when it comes to achieving their dreams and goals.

As we grow as leaders and mentors, we regard ourselves as highly privileged to have access to counsel from a number of people who have acquired more wisdom and achieved significant holistic results in the areas of life we are looking to grow in.

The opportunity to leverage a mentoring relationship in our lives has been nothing short of transformational for our entire family. As we intentionally seek to increase our wisdom in order to pay it forward, we are excited about influencing and impacting lives around the globe and sowing into others so they can reap the rewards of living an abundant life of freedom, joy and peace in alignment with their own values.

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