Lessons and Tests

In traditional / formal education we’re taken through a number of lessons and subsequently tested on our knowledge. When we pass specific tests we may receive a certification in a specific field. We’re all familiar with this, right?

Then we step out into the real world and the lesson and test equation flips. For every phase in life we start off as “white belts”. Life tests us. There’s a lesson in each test. We (hopefully) learn each lesson and proceed through each of life’s belts. Eventually become a qualified “black belt” in a specific field or industry.

What gets us to black belt status – and to stay at the head of the pack – is ensuring we always train as a white belt. If we remain fresh learners, stay focused on the basics, remain eager to learn, and remain consistent in doing so, we’ll hit the next level, even if we’re already black belts. This white belt mentality keeps us growing no matter where we are in life’s journey.

We must all face life’s tests head on and learn lessons every day. Life will continue to test us. It’s the lessons we learn from each test that defines what the best version of ourselves looks like.