New Beginnings

I love this time of year! Spring is a season of new growth. The fresh green leaves sport a certain intoxicating shade of green that makes me think of clean slates, fresh starts and new beginnings. Not all new growth comes from the changing seasons, though.

Phil and I took a day for ourselves during the winter of 2020 to replenish and reconnect. While climbing toward the peak of a beautiful track we had chosen to walk that day, I noticed a sparse area which was punctuated by flax bushes. A fire had clearly ripped through the area some time ago, but what stopped me in my tracks was the sight of fresh growth erupting from blackened flax plants all around us. The image was breath taking: death juxtaposed with life.
In that movement I was reminded of the resilience of all living things. Fires can leave devastation in their wake, however, well rooted organisms can not only survive, but, with the right conditions, they can rebuild and come back stronger than before. Charred organic matter fertilises and enriches the soil, providing the perfect conditions for a new season of growth.

Similarly in life we can all go through seasons of growth, stabilisation, stagnation or withering, pruning or burning away, followed by further growth.
Often this growth can be internal, like the roots of a plant. It is not immediately apparent, but it is so vital, for, as we know, the roots determine how well a plant flowers or fruits. It also determines how well it weathers events like storms, frosts and fires.

Every adversity has the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

Napoleon Hill

So when life feels easy, instead of coasting, have you taken a minute to consider your root system and what you can do to strengthen it? Success occurs when opportunity and preparedness meet. What can you do to prepare yourself so that even the most extreme circumstances don’t uproot you? Being cool under pressure is a skillset which anyone can learn.
If you are currently enduring adversity in life, know that these are temporary and can be the catalyst for new beginnings. What silver linings can you see? They will emerge eventually if you focus on finding them.
If you have just emerged from a season of adversity, what insights, lessons and breakthroughs have you experienced? How will this inform your choices and actions going forward? We can either become bitter or choose to become better. Which do you choose?

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.


Here’s to hope, growth and new beginnings!