Today is your day

I recently listened to an audio track where the speaker spoke about choosing a life direction that fulfils you.  She spoke of how easy it is to set the direction of your life by following the same path as the people around you.  This got me thinking about the direction I have been taking in life, what fulfils me, and the goals Fei Hsia and I have made to make sure we are on a path to a fulfilled life for ourselves and our children.  One of the most striking moments of the audio track for me was the following poem…

Don’t be afraid
to let people see
the warmth deep within you
willing to be free.
For if you take the chance to share that special part of you,
someone will detect it and share their special gift too.
When you’re feeling good anyone would know.
Your smile, your eyes, it would certainly show.
You are special, special indeed.
You can blossom, you can grow,
you already have the seed.
The most important part is to know that you’re okay
and when you feel that you are definitely on your way.
For today you can begin,
for tomorrow is too far,
for today is the day to enjoy who you are.

Are you taking action today to ensure you have the fulfilling life you deserve?  Are you sharing your warmth?  Are you striving to be what you know you can be and what you long for?  Today is your day.

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